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Terra Vitis actions to reinforce
the economic sustainability of wine businesses

Ensuring the economic sustainability of estates is a major challenge for sustainable viticulture, today and in the future.
Working on the viability of wine businesses today means guaranteeing the transmission of a living, sustainable heritage to future generations.

Through the global, reasoned approach to wine growing practices that it upholds, Terra Vitis helps its members to:

  • Guarantee and improve the viability of their business and their estate;
  • Enhance the value of winegrowers’ work and make it known through certification;
  • Promote the transfer of a viable estate to future generations.


The constant exchange of information between Terra Vitis members means that best economic practice can be identified, fine-tuned and disseminated.

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Terra Vitis for resilient viticulture

Improving and guaranteeing the sustainability of an estate means making it more adaptable and therefore more resilient in the face of economic, social and environmental challenges. Terra Vitis winegrowers are committed to implementing concrete actions designed to promote the adaptability of their businesses and activities.

of vineyard heritage

Terra Vitis winegrowers commit to maintaining their vines, trees, hedges, etc. and to planting more if necessary. Buildings, access roads to the vineyards and winery, paths and so on are also up kept, to preserve common viticultural heritage.

Encouraging soil fallowing

Terra Vitis winegrowers favour fallowing and practices that encourage the soil to rest and regenerate, to preserve the environment in the long term and create a welcoming, fertile soil for new vines. These practices also aim to eliminate vine devitalisation (ie. their death by chemical means before uprooting).

Making sustainable choices

Based on sustainable development, Terra Vitis is a certification that encourages winegrowers to make sustainable choices for their businesses. This includes choice of suppliers and products, maintenance of equipment and so on.
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Taking steps to promote business sustainability

Ensuring the economic health of winegrowing businesses is one of Terra Vitis’ main objectives. We support today’s winegrowers and prepare the passing down of viable estates to the winegrowers of tomorrow.

In this way, Terra Vitis guides and supports its members towards:

  • Fair, profitable and viable management of their estates;
  • The transfer of estates.

Managing costs

The management of a Terra Vitis certified estate is built on a global approach and a long-term vision, with economical estate management.

Discussion and feedback

Terra Vitis is an association of winegrowers, which means each member benefits from the experience and know-how of the entire network. Information is regularly exchanged with the Fédération Nationale, which collects and distributes our network's ideas and best practice.
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Promoting and recognising winegrowers' commitments

Valuing and recognising the work done by Terra Vitis winegrowers is crucial to our approach. It is essential that everyone’s work be recognised at its true value. From a more global point of view, by promoting the commitments and activities of Terra Vitis estates, our certification and values become more widely known.


Promoting good practice

One of the main tasks of the Fédération Nationale is to communicate about the practices and commitments of our certified winegrowers. We are responsible for promoting them to the general public as well as to the wine industry (wine retailers, producers, cooperative wineries, supermarkets, specialised press, etc.).

Annual certification

Terra Vitis is an annual certification, ie. only the current vintage is certified. It recognises the work carried out day-to-day by grape farmers and winegrowers, and is a guarantee of trust and safety for consumers. The annual inspection undergone by the winegrowers also serves to drive the Terra Vitis approach forward, by regularly questioning all practices.

Inspection by
an independent body

Terra Vitis winegrowers are inspected by an independent, certified third-party organisation. This inspection guarantees the strict application of our specifications and the transparency of our practices.



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